Kenwood KMC515 Chef Premier Food Mixer Review

Kenwood KMC515 Chef Premier Food MixerKenwood KMC515 Chef Premier Food Mixer

Complete with gloss white surface, this die cast aluminium Kitchen area Maker not just looks wonderful, but is developed to last The 4.6 L huge ability non-stick stainless steel bowl assists you effortlessly prepare food and is best for enjoyable teams of family and friends This Kenwood KMC515 Chef Premier Food Mixer home appliance comes with a superb range of non-stick bowl devices consisting of: the K-beater to blend food completely, a whisk which effortlessly fluffs up egg whites and the dough hook which kneads bread thoroughly. Features a splashguard with pivoted putting spout to secure your kitchen area from unneeded spills whilst in operation. A powerful 1000W electric motor is designed to handle huge quantities easily while preserving rate Variable rate control with pulse allowing you to maintain rate and power regardless of load. Kenwood’s popular global mixing action makes certain all your ingredients are perfectly mixed with no unstirred pockets. Added add-ons could likewise be bought. These consist of a food processor, glass mixer, meat grinder, pasta rollers, multi mills for slicing tiny quantities, grain mill and a juicer.

Box Has

1 x kenwood Chef premier
1 x 4.6 L dish
3 dish tools, K-beater, dough hook and also whisk
1 x guideline brochure

Kenwood Cook Premier KMC515

Teaming performance with a classic visual, the Kenwood Chef Premier is the ideal enhancement to your kitchen area. Created for specialist and newbie alike, this Cooking area maker is made for those that want to be innovative in the kitchen. Ideally suited for individuals who regularly prepare dishes for the whole family and also that appreciate the challenge of even more intricate recipes. Along with its efficiency and also versatility, it’s small enough to fit on your kitchen surface area.

Gloss white coating, made to last
4.6 L capacity stainless-steel dish
Three non-stick bowl devices; K beater, Whisk as well as Dough Hook
Splashguard to secure worktops from spills
1000 W Power

Variable speed control plus pulse

The dough hook permits you to develop flawlessly risen bread and also bread doughs. The K beater is made to include batters for smooth velvety distinctive cakes as well as savoury treats. The whisk tool optimizes the air whipped into egg whites as well as hanker a light as well as cosy outcome. Kenwood’s popular worldly blending action makes certain all your ingredients are flawlessly blended with no unstirred pockets in addition to being dishwashing machine safe.

The Kenwood Cook

Because Kenwood was founded in 1947, it has actually been dedicated to the layout as well as manufacture of cutting-edge and also durable items, making food preparation much more simple as well as much less time consuming. More than half a century on, Kenwood continues to create cooking area makers that efficiently incorporate innovation and also longevity. Kenwood KMC515 Chef Premier Food Mixer has created Chefs for all food fans to make certain that all functions and also needs are satisfied.

Dish Tools

All designs are provided with three dish washer secure blending tools for certain cooking tasks.

K Beater

The K Beater has actually been developed to reach all locations of the bowl to attain a remarkable mix. It is especially helpful for blending typical cakes, spicy meat spheres, pasta dough, bread as well as biscuits.


The balloon form of the whisk is for producing maximum volume. It mixes a lot of air right into the blend to offer a light cosy structure– for mousses, soufflés, meringues as well as cheesecakes.

Dough Hook

The dough hook takes all the effort out of working bread, stretching the flour’s gluten to obtain optimal increase. It mixes and works quickly and effortlessly, making smooth and elastic dough for a range of breads and also breads.

Reduce Rate Power Outlet:

Positioned behind a detachable front cover, this outlet offers a balance of sluggish speed and high torque to drive specialised add-ons, such as the Multi Food Mill as well as the Pasta Roller.

High Speed Power Outlet:

This outlet, situated on top rear of the device, allows for a variety of accessories to be utilized, such as a compact chopper.

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  • 1000W Motor
  • Metal body and gears
  • 3 Bowl tools; K Beater, Dough hook and Whisk
  • Variable electronic speed control
  • 4.6 Litre bowl

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