Kenwood KVC3100W Chef Kitchen Machine Review

Kenwood KVC3100W Chef Kitchen MachineKenwood KVC3100W Chef Kitchen Machine

The Kenwood Chef has a 1000W electric motor, which keeps the power under hefty tons. It has electronic rate control with an indicator, plus pulse. The 4.6 L dish includes a splashguard which is simple to fit and also has an added wide feed tube.

Box Has

1 x Kenwood KVC3100W Cook, 1 x 4.6 L brushed stainless-steel bowl, 1 x level k beater, 1 x blend, 1 x dough hook

Kenwood Chef KVC3100W

Whether you’re checking out an all new recipe, or an authentic recipe tried and also tested by generations, the Kenwood KVC3100W Chef Kitchen Machine enables you to discover your culinary capabilities. The devoted dish devices, along with the precision of Total Mix Planetary Action, give you regulate over every last detail. Chef has actually evolved to make sure that you and your abilities could too. From mixing the best cake batter thanks to the K-beater, to completely worked dough without the initiative, or light as well as cosy meringues whipped up with the meticulously created whisk accessory, the Kenwood KVC3100W Chef Kitchen Machine will certainly offer you the self-confidence to try something new.

The global mix action preserves rate as well as power also under hefty lots.
The 4.6 L large ability non-stick stainless-steel dish helps you effortlessly prepare food.

Digital rate control with pulse maintains you in control.
K beater for silky smooth cake batters.
Dough hook for flawlessly kneaded dough.
Whisk for light, fluffy whipped cream and egg whites.
Broadband outlet; perfect for mixing as well as food handling.
Slow rate outlet; excellent for pasta rolling and meat grinding.
Safety head interlock stops any type of motion when the head is lifted for secure usage.
One item splashguard for very easy suitable and a big chute for adding active ingredients quickly.
Multiple additional add-ons for the high speed and slow-moving rate outlets are readily available.

The planetary mix action

Maintains speed and also power also under hefty loads.

4.6 L huge capacity non-stick stainless-steel bowl

Assists you easily prepare food and also is best for amusing groups of family and friends.

Electronic rate control

Gradual rate build with pulse keeps you in control.

3 bowl tools consisted of

Included in pack: K beater for silky smooth cake batters, dough hook for perfectly kneaded dough and a whisk for light, cosy whipped cream and egg whites.

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  • 1000W Planetary mix action, maintains speed and power even under heavy loads
  • 4.6L mixing bowl- Large capacity, brushed stainless steel with no handles, straight sided
  • 3 coated aluminium bowl tools
  • Splashguard- One piece style with chute, easily fitted.
  • Electronic speed control with indicator-Variable speeds + pulse”

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